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Guidelines (forthcoming)

A Million Pictures will publish guidelines based on an evaluation of best practices of existing initiatives. For the following topics, guidelines will be published:

  • Digitisation of lantern slides
    This guideline will address issues related to producing digital photographs of magic lantern slides, including light, photographic equipment, colour management and image rendering for the use of publishing images in the Lucerna database.
  • Metadata
    This guideline will explain which metadata should be documented when cataloging magic lantern slides. It will explain the metadata and their relation to each other.
  • Guides for entering information into the Lucerna database
    Two manuals should help people who wish to use the Lucerna database for
    a) the documentation of their lantern slide collection and
    b) the documentation of slide sets from other contemporary sources such as catalogues or the trade press.
    These manuals will be easy to follow step-by-step manuals.

We expect these guidelines to be ready in 2017. If you are interested in discussing the preliminary results with us, if you see the need for guidelines on other topics or if you volunteer to translate the guidelines into another languages, please contact us!