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Deutsches Bildbandarchiv (“German Film Strip Archive“)

The Deutsches Bildbandarchiv (“German Film Strip Archive”) went online. This online resource documents a selection of German (both East and West) film strips and roll films dating from c. 1910s to the 1960s. Many commercial publishing houses of educative lantern slides also issued their images on film strips. Film strips were much cheaper than lantern slides on glass and often used in the home. The resource includes film strips on travel, Christian Religion, history, German militarism and patriotism, art, ethnology, politics and (German) propaganda. Series of images on film strips were often issued with a reading, which is also documented online. The editors of this online resource added historical background information on the events depicted in the film strips. The resource is still under construction and will be updated regularly. http://www.deutsches-bildbandarchiv.de

bildband-lantern bildband

A Magic Lantern with an accessory for projecting film strips (left) and a film strip with boxes (right). Images taken from http://www.deutsches-bildbandarchiv.de