A Million Pictures

Project Publications (overview)

A Million Pictures aims to reach out to all kinds of people – the general public and collectors, researchers and students, archivists and curators, artists and performers. To that end, we publish about our discoveries on various platforms in various languages.

Project Newsletter
Every two months, the newsletter informs about recent developments of the work. All 15 newsletter are available there.

Notes from the workshops
A documentation of the discussions and results from each workshop are published in the notes from the workshops.

Academic Publications
A list of academic publications which are published by project members as part of their involvement in A Million Pictures.

Creative Re-Use
Documentation of creative re-use, local events and art projects that were inspired by A Million Pictures.

One objective of this project is to produce guidelines for the digitization, documentation (metadata, cataloging) for archivists, curators and other people who wish to make their collection accessible online. We expect these guidelines to be ready in 2017. If you are interested in discussing the preliminary results with us, please contact us!

Publications about A Million Pictures
Activities of A Million Pictures do not go unnoticed – read reviews, articles and comments that others wrote about our activities.