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Team Exeter

Research Team Exeter (WP 2): Learned Societies in Britain, 1880-1914
WP 2 team: Dr. Joe Kember, University of Exeter (leader), Dr. Richard Crangle
measuringOne would be hard pushed to find a more neglected, yet substantial, national heritage resource than the magic lantern slide material dispersed across numerous British museums, libraries and archives. Individual collections, sometimes numbering over 100,000 items, each represent a remarkably rich visual archive concerning multiple aspects of regional public life. This work package explores three representative public collections of our Associated Partners: the Library of Birmingham, the Royal Geographic Society in London, and the Exeter Royal Albert Memorial Museum, with a specific focus on slide sets and associated materials derived from educational groups and learned societies during the period 1880-1914.

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Image credits: “Measuring”: scan from slide in private collection Gwen Sebus.