A Million Pictures

Working Groups

Next to the research in the Research Teams, A Million Pictures installs working groups whenever the Research Team sees the necessity to research a question in greater detail. The working groups consist of members of the consortium and may include experts external to the project. If you would like to share your expertise with us on one of the subject matters, please contact us. A Million Pictures installed the following working groups:

  • Metadata and Cataloging (September 2015-January 2018)
    The objective of this working group is to look very closely at what is already happening in associated media datasets of other cultural artefacts and/or research on magic lantern slides. In a second step it will inventory what A Million Pictures needs to do for magic lantern slides. It is set up as a forum group that receives comments and presents work‐in‐progress at the workshops.
  • Best Practices of Digitisation (September 2015-January 2018)
    This group inventories and exchanges information and experience about how to best photograph ans scan lantern slides. The working group prepares input for the workshops. As a long‐term objective, the results will be published in a guideline that will be made available to archives, museums, and collection managers who are interested in the digital documentation and preservation of their slides. The guidelines will cover all sorts of aspects concerning the digital photographing process including light, camera, setup for taking photographs in an archive, procedure of taking photographs, and software for the modification of the digital photographs.
  • Scanning Catalogs (December 2015-March 2018)
    Preparing the collaboration with Internet Archive / Media History Digital Library (MHDL) for scanning lantern slide catalogs. This group sorts out the technical specifications and requirement for material that we want to make available on Internet Archive. The work resulted in the online collection of digitised magic lantern and slide catalogues at MHDL. This group also discusses useful metadata and sensible ways of linking information from one resource to the other that ensures interoperability.
  • Website (September 2015-February 2016)
    This working group discussed the set up of the project website. It was shut down in February when the task was completed.