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After the Conference

This page is meant to share links, images and reports about the A Million Pictures conference (29.08.-01.09.2017).
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Conference Proceedings
An edited volume based on presentations given at the conference will be published in autumn 2018 with John Libbey.

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(Almost) A Million Pictures of the conference

Thanks to Doris Wilson, Nadine Maas and Gwen Sebus for making their images available! If you need images in higher resolution, please contact Sarah Dellmann.

Magic Lantern Society Museum Survey (1991)
Scan of the Magic Lantern Society Museum Survey (as PDF), compiled and published in 1991 by the Magic Lantern Society about Museums holding lantern and slide collections.


Some participants agreed to make their presentations available online. Read then back here.
Please note: Due to limitations of file size on this page, images are compressed and presentations are transformed into PDF.

Ine van Dooren: A Lantern Slide Journey: 127 years in just 5 minutes

Sabine Lenk: Appropriation, Re-use and Reenactment: Contemporary Perspectives on the Lantern. Part: Another View on Re-Use

Carmen Lopez-San Segundo and Javier Frutos: Vocabulary: from Magic Lantern Slides to Linternauta Application

Carmen Lopez-San Segundo: The App ‘Linternauta’ (Slides) and The App ‘Linternauta’ (explanation)

Maria Männig: Art Historical Slide Collections. A Media Archaeology (Poster)