A Million Pictures

Creative Re-Use

27 Jun 2017 - 8 Apr 2018
Museu del Cinema, Girona (ES/CAT)

Exhibition: Light! Magic Lantern and the Digital Image

The temporary exhibition Light! Magic Lantern and the Digital Image. Affinities between the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Century will be on display at Museu del Cinema, Girona. The exhibition was planned until January 2018 and now is prolongued until 8 April 2018 entrance is free.

This exhibition has three main goals. First, to show the magic lantern slides collection of Museu del Cinema. Usually, only a little part of this collection is on display at the permanent exhibition. In the temporary exhibition, visitors will be able to see many more!
Second, we want to communicate to the general public the importance of the magic lantern and its popularity in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. And thirdly, and maybe a bit daring, is to establish connections between the uses of magic lantern in the nineteenth century and the digital culture of the twenty-first: technology changes but intentions, uses and motivations behind the images are similar. By tying the present, digital world to the past, we aim to attract a young audience for the magic lantern and make them discover the foundations of our visual culture.
See the trailer to the exhibition at https://vimeo.com/223658539 .
This exhibition is realised as part of A Million Pictures and is produced by Museu del Cinema and University of Girona (with funding of MINECO).

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