A Million Pictures


20 January 2016
15:00 - 17:00
Utrecht University, Muntstraat 2A, room 1.11

Lecture: Digital Historiographies. Documenting Magic Lantern Slides

Frank Kessler and Sarah Dellmann present questions around the documentation of magic lantern slides in the seminar series Performing History in the Age of Digital Technology.
Starting with questions that emerge form their activities in A Million Pictures, Frank Kessler and Sarah Dellmann will ask what a magic lantern slide actually “is”. As is the case with any material object, a description is the result of an interpretation of the object and the selection of criteria that are relevant in the eyes of the one who decides what to document. The presenters will try to make the implicit explicit and discuss their understanding of the object with the participants and explain the different types of digital documentation /representation. The second part is dedicated to experiments with – intended or unintended – uses of the database.
The presentation is open to everyone.