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Video: Molens Tulpen Klompen en Kaas

In the 20-minute video documentary historian Leen Breure and Sarah Dellmann explain where today’s national clichés of the Netherlands come from. “Molens Tulpen Klompen en Klaas – ruim 100 jaar clichés van Nederland” (in Dutch language) investigates the history of the Dutch cultural icons and their function in commerce, tourism, fine arts and media. Images from various hisotrical media are digitally reproduced in this video, among others from the set of lantern slides Quer durch Holland (1906) that was digitised in the course of the Million Pictures Project from the collection of EYE Film Institute Netherlands.
The video is licensed under a CC-BY licence and available for online streaming and download at the non-profit video platform Wistia. ScieMedia is a not-for profit company specialized in scientific multimedia web publications and motion graphic videos that meet academic standards, run by Leen Breure.