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Book: A Million Pictures – Magic Lantern Slides in the History of Learning

The conference proceedings of our international and interdisciplinary Million Pictures conference in August 2017 are currently (May 2018) edited by Sarah Dellmann and Frank Kessler. The edited volume A Million Pictures – Magic Lantern Slides in the History of Learning will be published in fall 2018 with John Libbey. We are very happy to announce…

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Fonseca: Special Issue on Magic Lantern

The issue #16 (2018) of Fonseca – Journal of Communication is titled “Arqueología de los media y placas de linterna mágica – Media archaeology and magic lantern slides”. Among the seven thematic contributions, five articles are written by members of the A Million Pictures team. All articles are available in Spanish and English and are…

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Manual: Recommendations for the Digitisation of Magic Lantern Slides

For all those holding collections of magic lantern slides and would like to provide access to them in a digital form are the recommendations elaborated by the A Million Pictures working group on digitisation. The resource is available at https://a-million-pictures-recommendations.wp.hum.uu.nl/ and presents several methods for digitising lantern slides. It also features a decision-making list.

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Manual: How to prepare digital images files for upload to Lucerna

This illustrated step-by-step Lucerna Manual #1 – How to prepare digital images for Lucerna (PDF, 9 pages) explains how to prepare digital image files for upload to Lucerna – The Magic Lantern Web Resource. The following topics are addressed – Requirements with respect to minimum image quality – Naming of the digital files for upload…

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Manual: How to catalogue slide sets and slides in Lucerna

The detailed Lucerna Manual #2 – How to catalogue slide sets and slides in Lucerna (PDF, 26 pages) combines background information and a step-by-step manual for cataloguing slide sets in Lucerna – the Magic Lantern Web Resource. Although it focuses on information relevant to cataloguing slides and slide sets, the descriptions can be adapted to…

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Paper: Experiences with Creative Re-Use at Performing and Knowing

Performance and re-enactment have been employed as a method of research in the history of science for several decades. The workshop Performing and Knowing – Experimental and Sensory Approaches organised by Charlotte Bigg, Rafael Mandressi and Marie Thébaud-Sorger as a collaboration of the Centre Alexandre Koyré and Maison Française d’Oxford, aims to take stock of…

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Magic Lantern Show: De Toverlantaarn. Voorganger van de bioscoop

Our Associated Partner EYE Film Institute Netherlands organised a lantern show. Lanternists Annet Duller and Wim Bos will give a perform the programme “De Toverlantaarn. Voorganger van de bioscoop” (The magic lantern: predecessor of the cinema) twice on Sunday, 15 April, at 12:00 and at 13:40. The show is part of the Imagine Film Festival…

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Discussion Notes: “Experience with Creative Re-Use”

These discussion notes document the evaluation of experiences with the creative Re-Use projects and activities that were developed in the course of the A Million Pictures Project. We publish these here as a working paper with the idea that the insights in this discussion are useful for others. The discussion was held at the Research…

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