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A Million Pictures in ‘De Standaard’

The leading Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported in its edition of 2 November 2016 about activities by the research team Antwerp. The article ‘Videokunstenares brengt toverlantaarn weer tot leven’ (in Dutch) takes its cue from the exhibition Schijnvis / Show Fish / Poisson Brillant and zooms in on the research, mentioning the efforts to digitize…

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A Million Pictures in ‘Dia-Archiv Newsletter Nr. 4’

A report of the third workshop in Antwerp is published in Newsletter Nr. 4 of the Dia-Archiv des Kunstgeschichtlichen Seminars Hamburg (“Slide Archive of the Art History Department at Hamburg University”, Germany). The Newsletter is bilingual, in English and German, and reports on the archivist’s activities around the slide collection. The collection contains, among others,…

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Article: Exploring Magic Lantern Catalogues Online

Issue #8 of The Magic Lantern , published in September 2016 features an article about the digital collection of magic lantern and slide catalogues at the Media History Digital Library. In the article, Sarah Dellmann presents the online collection and describes ways of exploring this digital collection. The Magic Lantern is the member’s journal of…

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Article: Binnenkijken in de Werkelijkheid – Sarah Vanagt over Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson Brillant

Nele Wynants published the article Binnenkijken in de Werkelijkheid – Sarah Vanagt over Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson Brillant in the November Issue of the journal FORUM+ Voor Onderzoek en Kunsten. In her article, Nele Wynants traces the history of the projection microscope in the history of scientific magic lantern projections and introduces the work…

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Article: Beyond and with the object. Assessing the dissemination range of lantern slides and their imagery

Sarah Dellmann from the Team Utrecht has published the article “Beyond and with the object: assessing the dissemination range of lantern slides and their imagery” in Early Popular Visual Culture (14): 4, pp 340-358. In her article, Sarah Dellmann considers the various practical difficulties surrounding material research that begins with archival objects – in her…

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Exhibition: Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson brillant

Official opening and premiere of Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson brillant Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson Brilliant is a new installation by Sarah Vanagt, consisting of five magic lantern projections & two video projections. With the help of a transparant fish egg, two cat’s whiskers and a small piece of copper paper, Sarah Vanagt tries…

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The Raree Man’s Peep Show

Tony Lidington and his troupe ‘Promenade Promotions’ have put on a peepshow based on magic lantern slides digitised from our Partner Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter. Glorying in the title, ‘Lucky Dicky Crangle and the Cinnabar Moth’, the latest performance from the Raree Man Peep Show used slides from all parts of the…

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Video: Magic Lantern Horror Show

The 25-minute video documentation of the National Portrait Gallery Magic Lantern Horror Show at Australia, performed with members of the National Portrait Gallery and the Australian National University –  School of Music on 26 February 2016, is now online at: https://vimeo.com/172507859  The performance and its documentation are part of the research project “Heritage in the Limelight:…

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