A Million Pictures


27 - 29 October 2016
M HKA - Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Leuvenstraat 32, Antwerp (BE)

Workshop 3 “The Magic Lantern Today. Creative Re-Use of Cultural Heritage”

This workshop, the third in our series of four, explores different strategies for curators, artists and educators to revive the legacy of the magic lantern as cultural heritage. We will explore how the artistic and educational reuse of old lanterns can today function as a creative tool to revalue the lantern as an important visual technology in the history of new media. Instead of exhibiting this old apparatus as an antique object, or historically re-enacting a Galantee show, media artists and curators develop contemporary strategies for reuse of the magic lantern in which they reflect on media history, concepts of vision and the role of media in our contemporary moment.
As part of the public activties that accompany our workshop series, see the opening of Sarah Vanagt’s exhibition Schijnvis / Showfish / Poisson Brillant on Thursday and a film programme curated by her on Friday.

The detailed programme is available via the website of the Research group “Visual Poetics” or as PDF file.

This workshop is organized by the Research Centre for Visual Poetics of the University of Antwerp and the Université libre de Bruxelles, in the framework of A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning | Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage – Heritage Plus.